At-Home Cellulite Treatment: Secrets of Victory

It’s time to get rid of a common problem – cellulite!It’s time to get rid of a common problem – cellulite!


Let’s Start from the Beginning

Most women face the problem of cellulite. They stick to various diets and hope that losing weight can help them remove cellulite. But, unfortunately, it is not so easy to get rid of the stubborn "orange peel". Almost 80% of women face this problem at different stages of their lives. In most cases, cellulite occurs on the legs.

In cold season, it can be hidden under trousers or jeans, but in summer, it is almost impossible due to the heat. To avoid overheating with excessive clothing, women have to wear shorts or short skirts that reveal uneven skin on the legs.

However, there are ways to reduce or even eliminate cellulite. Let's see what can be done. First of all, you should understand the meaning of the term "cellulite".

It is not just fat accumulation, but a disease that causes an imbalance in the distribution of adipose and muscle tissues. Despite popular belief, cellulite affects not only stout women, but also slender girls.

By the way, there are a number of other myths and misconceptions about the "orange peel", such as:

This problem is relevant just for women over 40 Many girls who reach 21 years of age face cellulite, because the initial stage of the disease occurs in adolescence during puberty
Starvation and rigid dieting can help get rid of the problem within just a couple of weeks No, that’s not true. You should always remember that the lack of energy causes the body to get into the "economy" mode. At this time, the body accumulates fat and spends minimum energy, resulting in general weakness and sharp increase in weight
A good anti-cellulite cream helps counter the problem Unfortunately, it is also wrong. As well as in the case of intense physical activity, you won’t be able to make your legs look attractive within a month or less

So, if you want to get rid of the "orange peel", you have to follow the specific program for a considerable period of time.

Causes of Cellulite

Unbalanced Dieting

In pursuit of fashion, girls often forget about their health and choose the clothes that can harm itIn pursuit of fashion, girls often forget about their health and choose the clothes that can harm it

Overeating and low-fiber dieting are the two main causes of the "orange peel". A sudden transition from a diet to normal eating promotes cellulite appearance.

Tight Clothes, the Habit of Crossing Legs, and a Sedentary Lifestyle

Sitting with your legs crossed squeezes the veins and hampers blood circulation that also contributes to the appearance of an “orange peel”. The same principle works for tight clothing and a sedentary lifestyle.

Genetic Predisposition

If your mother has cellulite, then you are very likely to have this problem as well. You should move more to prevent the disease.


Nicotine causes abnormal oxygen exchange between cells resulting in an imbalance in the distribution of fat and muscle tissue in the legs.

Endocrine Disorders

Cellulite may be caused by hormonal changes or due to consumption of hormonal medicines, such as birth control pills.

Stages of Development of the Disease and Treatment

There are four stages of cellulite development and different ways and procedures to treat each of them.

Grade 0

The skin is in a good condition and cellulite is not visible to the naked eye.

What to Do?

No treatment is required, but you can use various procedures to “accelerate” blood circulation and prevent further development of the process. A few intense workouts a week or a couple of short morning runs are enough. Also, you can try vibration therapy, the technology that provides a low-frequent mechanical vibration effect on the skin. This is a salon service that promotes local destruction of fat cells and improves the overall skin tone.

Grade 1

The problem is still invisible, but the skin on the buttocks starts to lose its elasticity. Cellulite can be detected by pinching a skin fold. You will immediately notice some dimpling.

What to Do?

  • You should drink much water, swim in pools, visit saunas or bathhouses. These procedures help maintain skin moisture, accelerate lymph flow, and eliminate toxins from the body;
  • Incorporate 15 minutes of jumping rope into your daily routine;
  • Your diet should include the foods containing omega-3 fatty acids: you can make flaxseed tea or eat radishes, take fish oil or cook broccoli. Tasty cashews, fresh basil, cauliflower, and cod liver – these foods are also helpful.

Grade 2 (Initial Stage)

This is where the main problems arise. Cellulite becomes visible and palpable when touched by hand. The amount of fat is so high that it squeezes blood vessels and forms a dense layer of adipose tissue underneath the skin. This is the notorious "orange peel".

What to Do?

To treat the problem area, you need to take a whole range of measures:

Consider your diet

Do not stick to "fast" diets. If you lose a couple of pounds, the cellulite will not disappear forever, it will come back. You have to get rid of some of your eating habits. Minimize the consumption of chemically processed foods.

It is obvious that chemical processing significantly reduces the amount of remaining nutrients in the product. Moreover, chemical carcinogens negatively affect the body.

The body requires amino acids and vitamins that cannot be always obtained from such foods. Although, there is little benefit from the processed food, its fat content is quite high. The fats quickly and comfortably deposit in the body, mostly in the legs.

Heat treatment (thermal processing) is not always good. For example, in the case of vegetables and fruits. You should try to balance your diet and consume adequate amount of fresh fruits and vegetables – they should make up at least 40% of your daily diet.

Forget about red meat. It contains too much "fatty" acids. Try to eat steamed fish or lean meat.

Consume fewer dairy products. It may surprise many people, because it is believed that these are low-calorie and high-protein foods. However, they contain a lot of fat. Besides, cheese, for example, contains much salt that retains water in the body.

Exclude sugar and sparkling water. They also prevent the movement of water out of the extracellular space.

Tea, coffee, and chocolate. Why are these products grouped together? They all contain caffeine that exhausts the adrenal glands and causes the body to produce adrenaline. Many women often consume this food group. But if you drink coffee every morning, you will inevitably get cellulite as a “gift”.

Perform specially designed exercises
  • Slow squats. Try to do 100 squats a day;
  • Jumping rope;
  • Jogging or cycling;
  • Swimming;
  • Yoga. Flexible girls should try some yoga exercises that work the legs and pelvic area.
Recommended beauty treatments

Vacuum-roller massage is performed in beauty salons. You can do it every few weeks. This is how it works: a special device pinches a skin fold, which is then massaged by moving rollers. It promotes the accelerated breakdown of fats by stimulating the lymph flow.

Body wraps. You can make body wraps with essential oils, blue clay, or coffee grounds. They are performed as follows:

  • you should take a warm shower and properly rub your legs with a towel;
  • apply the mixture to your skin;
  • wrap your legs with cellophane and keep them wrapped for 30–50 minutes;
  • pull off the plastic wrap and wash your legs with warm water;
  • gently apply a nourishing cream on your legs, wrap them in a blanket, and allow them to rest for about 15–20 minutes.

Grade 3

The skin is rough and there are numerous bumps underneath it. Fat deposits significantly influence the blood circulation and damage the nerve endings. It may lead to numbness (loss of sensation) of the areas affected by cellulite.

What to Do?

At this stage, all the procedures applicable for the second stage can be used; however, you should see a specialist. You are likely to be prescribed the lymphatic drainage treatment (the procedures that remove excessive fluid accumulated in the intercellular space), myostimulation (the use of impulse currents to treat the tissues), and thermotherapy (application of heat to improve lymph and blood circulation).

Grade 4

This is a pathological stage! Most often, it develops after menopause as a result of metabolic disorders. Small bumps and dimples turn into "potholes", and the sensitivity may either disappear, or get stronger: the affected areas can be painful to the touch.

Regular exercise help prevent and get rid of inflammation of subcutaneous cellular tissueRegular exercise help prevent and get rid of inflammation of subcutaneous cellular tissue

What to Do?

Various treatments used for breakdown of subcutaneous fat and procedures stimulating the outflow of excessive fluid can help improve the appearance of the legs. Also, mesotherapy, a series of microinjections, is often performed at this stage.

It is better to prevent the development of the third or fourth stage. Leading an active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet help maintain slim legs without cellulite until old age.

Sample Anti-Cellulite Exercise Routine

The primary task of a workout is to increase the muscle tone, speed up metabolism, and deliver more blood and nutrients to the cells of the body. This helps fight cellulite and creates the conditions for its successful prevention.

To perform the exercises listed below, you need a jump rope, a resistance band, stairs, and comfortable sports clothes

You should always remember to warm-up before any workout, because it helps get maximum benefit out of your physical activity and reduce the risk of injury.

Exercise Description of the exercise
1 Jumping Rope

In one of our articles, we described how to choose the right jump rope and perform jumps with it. You can start your anti-cellulite program with 10 minutes of jumping rope.

Maintain the average pace – do not chase after records. The main thing is to force your body to start to spend energy to further burn calories from fat deposits.

2 Stair Running

Have you warmed up your legs by jumping? This is just the beginning. Now you should use the stairs for recreational purposes. If you feel a slight trembling in your legs after jumping rope, you should not begin stair running yet.

If you live in a multi-storey apartment building, you can climb stairs from the first floor to the top floor several times. You should not go down the stairs too fast, because there is a high risk of getting injured by turning your ankle and, as a result, you will have to put off the fight against cellulite for several weeks.

Also, you can try to run up the stairs, for example, in the park, if there are any. In the open air, it is easier for the body to withstand physical loads. You should devote 7–10 minutes to this exercise.

3 Resistance Band Leg Extension

For this exercise, you need a resistance band. The extensions can be performed both sitting on the floor (using a special mat), or on a bench (do not rest your back against anything):

  • grab the ends of the resistance band with both hands and spread them shoulder-width apart;
  • bend your knees, rest your feet on the middle of the band, with your heels pressed against the floor;
  • on the exhale, extend your legs while keeping your arms fixed to stretch the band – you should use your leg muscles to perform the extensions;
  • return your legs to the starting position.

Perform a few sets of 15–20 reps. You can also lean your torso backward – it helps keep the balance and involve the abdominal muscles.

You can complete these three exercises within 35–40 minutes. You can also use other kinds of physical activity as well. Remember that you should have at least two workouts a week.

Additional Means of Fighting Cellulite

You can increase your chances of defeating cellulite by using:

  • a coffee and sugar scrub;
  • a massage with a dry brush;
  • a detox bath;
  • various mixtures (including green clay, apple cider vinegar, seaweed, tangerine essential oil, etc.);
  • beauty treatments, such as wrapping, cryolipolysis, LPG massage, cavitation, etc.


  1. Cellulite is a fairly common problem that can appear not only after 40 years of age, but also much earlier.
  2. There are 4 stages of development of the disease, and each grade is characterized by a different degree of tissue damage and treatment (fighting) method.
  3. The main factors that contribute to the appearance of the “orange peel” are as follows: genetic predisposition, imbalanced diet, smoking, wearing tight clothes, and endocrine system pathologies.
  4. Beauty treatments should be the secondary means of fighting cellulite rather than the primary ones, and they should complement the lifestyle changes, switching to a proper diet, and increasing physical activity.

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