Effective Jump Rope Exercises for Weight Loss

In this article, you will discover how jumping rope can help you get in shapeIn this article, you will discover how jumping rope can help you get in shape


Benefits and Contraindications

Jump rope workouts help increase the muscle tone, strengthen the legs and buttocks, get rid of excess weight and cellulite. Jumping significantly improves the lymphatic circulation which helps to get rid of unfavorable structural changes in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. Besides, this kind of sports can be considered cardio, which means that it strengthens the cardiovascular system, develops endurance and proper breathing.

Calorie-Burning Effect

If you have decided to lose weight by means of this sports equipment, you should note the following aspects. Many people doubt that jumping rope promotes quality and fast weight loss. Actually, a person of an average weight of 65 kilograms loses about 800 calories just in an hour workout.

Of course, the amount of the fat burned during exercise depends on the intensity of your workout. But if you are just learning to jump rope and have never tried such sports before, you should not immediately chase after high intensity. You need to develop muscle memory first, in order for your body to jump automatically, so to speak. In this case, you won’t have to waste your attention and concentration on doing each jump and you will be able to focus on proper breathing and endurance, which will help you to perform super-intensive workouts in the nearest future.

Not Recommended

Such activity is not suitable for everyone. Jumping rope is not recommended for those who have orthopedic injuries or any other disease. Also, you should not jump rope:

  • If you suffer from severe migraine attacks. Such blood flow acceleration may cause headache attacks;
  • Immediately after meal. You should postpone your workout for at least an hour after breakfast or lunch, because jumping puts a significant stress on your body;
  • If you have heart problems. High loads may worsen cardiovascular diseases;
  • If you have joint and cartilage disorders, especially problems with the knees. In this case, jumping can be performed only with a doctor’s permission;
  • If you are too overweight. You should not experiment with such loads. For example, if your weight is 100 kg, while your normal weight is about 70 kg, jumping may simply destroy your joints and adversely affect your spine.

Preparation for Jumping

Before a jump rope workout, you should decide on some aspects:

  1. The place for exercising;
  2. The clothes to work out in;
  3. The kind of sports equipment.

All these points will be discussed in detail further.

Requirements for the Place for Working Out

You can jump rope at home. But you need to take into account that it will be difficult to jump rope in a confined space of your room. You need an area of ​​about 1x2 meters with a free space of about 2.5 meters high. Also, you should note that if you live in a flat, the pounding of your feet and creaking of the ceiling may upset your downstairs neighbors.

Ideally, the floor should be covered with a quite soft and slightly springy, elastic material, for example, a rubber fitness mat. However, it is easier to exercise outdoors. Of course, gym is the best option.

What Clothes Should You Wear?

Use the high-top shoes for better support and protection for your anklesUse the high-top shoes for better support and protection for your ankles

You need sportswear to exercise. Tight clothes made of thin and breathable fabrics are recommended to allow you to move freely and comfortably while jumping.

Girls should use a sports bra. As for the footwear, the light sneakers with soft ankle fixation are an excellent choice, because they provide a pretty good lateral stability. It is safe for your joints and reduces the risk of injury.

Choosing a Jump Rope

There are 4 main kinds of this sports equipment:

Weighted jump ropes These jump ropes differ from the others in that they have a sufficient weight. They are not so easy to use, especially for unprepared people. The additional weight imposes greater stress on the muscles of the body that results in an increase of their size.
Speed jump ropes They are perfect for fat-burning. They allow the athlete to perform an incredible number of jumps per time unit. If you want to lose weight as fast as possible, for this purpose you should use a high-speed jump rope.
Digital jump ropes with calorie counter You should just weigh yourself and then enter your parameters into the counter. Afterwards, the “smart” device will calculate the exact amount of calories burned while jumping rope. Also, these jump ropes can be weighted or speed. The cost of digital "weight loss tools" is much higher.
Rubber jump ropes You have definitely met this kind of jump ropes in physical education classes at school. They are the cheapest and the most common. They are also suitable for weight loss and cope with this task quite well.

As for the length of this sports tool, the standard skipping ropes are 2.4 m, 2.70 m, 3.00 m long. If you do not know what length you need, you can use the following example as a guide – if the height of a person is 1 meter 65 centimeters, the jump rope should be 2.4 m long. While choosing a jump rope, you can do as follows: take both handles, stand straight, fully straighten your back, and step on the hanging rope. Start to pull the rope up. If you can bring the handles to the level of your armpits, this length is suitable for you.

Don’t be afraid to choose the wrong length of the tool. It is better to choose a bit longer rope, because all of these kinds have special handles that allow an athlete to reduce the length of the cable.

Jump Rope Variations

There are various ways of jumping rope. You should understand that most of them are too difficult for beginners, and you should work hard to master them. The most popular jump rope tricks are as follows:

  • Basic Jump. This is the easiest kind of jumping. The athlete jumps off the ground for every one turn of the rope. All beginners should master this kind of jumps before proceeding to more advanced tricks;
  • Alternate Foot Step. This method is used in speed competitions, because it helps the athletes double the number of jumps per minute;
  • Criss-Cross. The technique of this jump requires you to move your left arm to the right side of your body, and your right arm to the left, in other words, you cross your arms over each other while jumping the rope;
  • Side Swing. You should swing the rope to either the right or the left, so it passes you by while you are jumping. Change the side for each jump;
  • Double Under. Swing the rope forward down twice for every one jump. Some jumpers can even complete three or four circles of the rope for one jump;
  • One Foot Jump. The knee of the other leg is bent and not involved in jumping;
  • James Hurst. The athlete jumps over the rope, then performs a back flip, and continues jumping again, without stop;
  • Backwards Criss-Cross. The technique is almost the same as in the crossover jump, but with your hands behind you;
  • High-knee Jumps. The technique is the same as in the basic jumps, but you need to raise your knees as high as possible while jumping. This kind of jumping allows you to burn more calories in less time;
  • Ali Slide. This trick implies constant movement. You need to land at a new place each time. You can move in any direction. This exercise allows you to improve your reaction time and coordination of movements;
  • Straddle Jump. Do the basic bounce with your feet together and then the one with your feet apart;
  • Scissors. On each hop, you need to move your feet back and forth in a scissors-like motion;
  • Skier. Do a single bounce while jumping from side to side with your body straight;
  • Bell. Do a single bounce while jumping from front to back. Keep your body steady;
  • Full Turn. This trick implies spinning all the way around while jumping the rope;
  • X-Foot Cross. You need to cross your feet as you land. Alternate the foot that lands in front on every jump;
  • Backwards Rope Swing Jumps. You can perform any of the tricks listed above, but you need to swing the rope backwards.

Workout Program

It is believed that a person should jump rope for at least half an hour to burn fat. The carbohydrates burn first, and then the fats. Further, you will see the workout program for 6 weeks. It contains not only jumps, but also easy exercises that can be performed with a jump rope. Once you complete this program, you can continue to do the exercises to improve your results.

Week 1-2

As a beginner, you should start with light loads. Jump rope every other day, using the following scheme:

  • Jump for 10 minutes;
  • Fold the cable into four, bring it behind your back, and gradually stretch it in different directions for a few minutes;
  • Bring the folded jump rope forward. Grab the ends and lift your arms up, pushing them back as far as possible. Do not throw your head back! Perform the exercise for at least 3 minutes;
  • Try to jump for 10 minutes, swinging the jump rope in the opposite direction;
  • Lie on your back, fold the rope into four and lift it up in front of you. Bend your knees and move your legs above the rope without lifting your back off the floor. Straighten your legs, and repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. Perform about 20 reps in both directions;
  • End your workout by jumping on your right foot for 5 minutes, and on your left foot for the same amount of time.

Week 3-4

The image shows one of the jump rope tricks – Alternate Foot StepThe image shows one of the jump rope tricks – Alternate Foot Step

You need to increase the jumping time and reduce the number of the intermediate exercises. Work out and rest according to the following mode: 1 day of exercise – 1 day of rest – 2 days of exercise – 1 day of rest – 1 day of exercise, etc.

  • Perform basic single jumps for 15 minutes;
  • Step on the rope with one of your feet, pull the cable, and move your leg backwards as far as possible. Pause in this position for about 20 seconds. This exercise improves coordination and tightens the buttocks. Perform 10 reps on each leg;
  • Perform Double Under jumps for 10 minutes. This jump rope trick implies that the rope swings around the jumper two times for one bounce;
  • Sit down on the floor and extend your legs in front of you, feet together. Fold the rope into four and try to reach your heels with it and wrap it around your feet; pause in this position for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise for 10 times;
  • At the end, repeat the basic single jumps and perform them for 15 minutes.

Week 5-6

Try to increase the speed. The first 10 minutes of jumping rope should pass in the faster pace. The ratio of exercise and rest should be as follows: 2 days of exercise – 1 day of rest – 3 days of exercise – 1 day of rest – 2 days of exercise, etc.

  • 15 minutes of basic jumping;
  • In a standing position, fold the rope into four and bring it behind your back. Then slowly bend forward and lower the rope toward the floor. Make sure to keep your knees straight! Move the rope forward and stand straight. Repeat the exercise for 5 times;
  • Jump for 20 minutes, swinging the rope backwards;
  • Sit down on the floor and stretch your legs in front of you. Bend one knee and step on a rope, and then lean backwards until your back is a few inches off the floor. Pause for 10 seconds and return to the starting position. Do the exercise for 5 times on each leg;
  • By this time, you should become skilled enough to try the Criss-Cross variation. It implies that you should cross your arms while the rope passes over your head and you need to jump into the loop. Try to jump for at least 5 minutes. It will be enough.

After such intense workouts for one and a half months, you will lose 6–11 pounds. In addition to weight loss, you will get toned and tight buttocks, elegant calves, and an excellent mood.


  1. Jumping rope strengthens the leg muscles and buttocks, helps get rid of excess calories and cellulite, and positively affects the cardiovascular system;
  2. You need to learn the contraindications before you start exercising. You should consult a doctor if needed;
  3. A suitable place for exercise should be spacious enough. It is recommended to exercise on a springy surface;
  4. The sportswear should be made of light and breathable materials. You should not be hampered by clothes;
  5. You need to jump in sneakers, preferably with soft ankle fixation;
  6. If you cannot choose the length of the jump rope, you should take the longest one, because you can always wrap the extra length around your hands;
  7. You should jump rope for at least 30 minutes. Increase the load gradually, following the workout program.

Regular and diligent workouts will surely yield the desired results in a very short period of time. You should just drive away your laziness and force yourself to start.

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