Fast and Effective Fight Against a Flabby Tummy

It is not so hard to get a flat bellyIt is not so hard to get a flat belly



There are two main reasons for which such a problem may occur and develop at women:

  • rapid weight loss;
  • accumulation of excess body fat and loss of skin elasticity after pregnancy.

As for the first point, the problem of a flabby stomach concerns people who try to get rid of extra pounds too fast. It may provoke the emergence of other, more serious health problems. You should not have a goal to lose 5, 10, or 15 kg. You should focus on reducing the amount of subcutaneous fat, trim the waistline, etc.

You need to change the body structure, i.e. the ratio of muscle and fat. If you manage to do it in the right proportions, you won’t face the problem of excess fat and loose skin in the abdominal area.

The birth of a child is a happy event for the whole family, but young mothers have to work hard to get their bodies into a good shape after that. In this case, the body experiences stress that provokes an increased accumulation of fat as a defense reaction. As a result, the skin elasticity is lost and the so-called “apron” appears. If you do not help your body, the natural restoration can last over two years.

There are 5 types of female tummiesThere are 5 types of female tummies

There is no need to worry, because the main ways of getting a flat stomach and renewal of skin elasticity in the abdominal area are already known. There are three key components:

  • diet;
  • exercise;
  • additional treatments.

Let’s consider each of them separately.

Step 1. Consider Your Diet

A healthy diet is the key to getting rid of a saggy tummy, as well as preventing its occurrence. You should avoid fat in any form in your diet. If you want to have sexy abs, you need to cut sweets, buns, and fizzy drinks, especially with sugar, out of your diet. Also, you should forget about alcohol.

Alcoholic beverages are really high in calories. It is scientifically proven that beer causes subcutaneous fat deposition in the abdomen.

Your diet should be rich in vitamins. They should mostly come from natural foods (vegetables and fruits). However, one can hardly eat them in adequate amounts all the year round.

If you have no contraindications, you can use vitamin/mineral supplements. You can help your body absorb them by incorporating greens and light salads into your diet.

You should remember about drinking water. Tea and coffee are not enough to refresh the body with a new fluid. It needs a constant supply of clean water to remove harmful substances and renew body cells.

The daily water requirement is individual for each person and depends not only on the person’s body weight, but also on his/her activity level. It is believed that a healthy body does not need water, if one does not feel thirsty, and the color of the urine is either transparent or light yellow.

There is an interesting fact: a person begins to feel thirsty, if the body loses about 2% of the fluid. The loss of more than 5% is called dehydration.

Do not forget about a healthy diet: you should eat 5–6 small meals a day, your last meal should contain only high-protein low-fat foods, and you should have it at least 2 hours before sleep. As for carbohydrates, you should give preference to the slow-digesting ones.

Step 2. Exercise

Working out in the gym under the guidance of a professional coach is the best way to strengthen the abdominal muscles.

However, you can exercise at home as well. Regular and proper workouts can reduce your waist by 2–3 inches in a month.

Here are the most effective abdominal exercises:

Exercise Brief description
Crunches Lying on your back, lift your upper body, and pull your shoulders up to the pelvis
Reverse crunches Start from the lying position, lift your pelvis, and pull it to your chest
Full core exercise that engages all the ab muscles

Take a deep breath, slowly inhale as much air as you can, while bulging your belly. Count to 5 and slowly exhale through your nose. Once you exhale all the air, hold in your stomach, trying to hide it under your ribs. Then count to three, relax, and inhale again. Repeat the whole complex a few times.

This exercise not only strengthens the abdominal muscles, but also favorably affects the internal organs.

During workouts, try to keep your abs in constant tension.


Aerobic Exercises

Performing aerobic exercises can help you get rid of the subcutaneous fat. It includes running, preferably outdoors, cycling, jumping rope, dancing, and aerobics. These activities accelerate the metabolic rate and burn body fat.

Aerobic exercises should be performed 3–4 times a week for 30–40 minutes. Remember that the muscles adapt to the load in 4–5 training sessions, so you should increase the load after a while, change the set of exercises or the kind of physical activity.

Do you like swimming?  Swimming sessions in the pool can help you achieve good results fasterDo you like swimming? Swimming sessions in the pool can help you achieve good results faster

Swimming Pool

Swimming is more than just an effective method of dealing with a flabby belly. It strengthens all muscle groups, straightens the posture, improves health, and water (the temperature changes in the pool, in particular) promotes the improvement of skin tone and elasticity.

Our site contains articles about proper swimming techniques, such as crawl, and breaststroke. They may be useful for you, if you decide to use a swimming pool to lose weight.

Additional Means

Good results can be achieved by using a hula hoop. It destroys fat cells mechanically. The first hula hoop training sessions can be painful, but after a while the muscles get used to the load and the discomfort disappears. Further, you can add extra weight by increasing the number of segments. Massage and magnetic balls exert an additional effect.

Also, you can purchase a posture corrector, because the slouching provokes relaxation of the abdominal muscles. At home, you should wear tight, slimming pants or shorts with a high waistline to create pressure on the abs.

Step 3. Additional Means and Procedures

Nowadays, beauty salons offer a wide variety of services and treatments aimed at rejuvenation and restoration of skin elasticity. Machine cosmetology, cryotherapy, wrappings, and sauna visits can help get rid of a sagging belly skin.


Massage can improve skin elasticity and tighten loose abdominal skin, due to the direct impact on the problem areas. The effect usually becomes visible after 10–12 sessions that last at least 25–30 minutes.

Massage therapists recommend starting with a 15-minute session, and gradually increasing the time to 40–50 minutes. Also, it is worth using various massagers, loofahs, and sponges when taking a shower.

Contrast Shower

After a warm-up massage, you should take a contrast shower. The alternation of water temperature increases the tone and elasticity of the skin and stimulates almost all metabolic processes in the body.

The skin cells are rejuvenated and renewed faster, due to the acceleration of blood circulation. You should gradually increase the temperature difference with each shower you take, but remember that your comfort should be the main indicator of the right temperature.

The scrub made of the used coffee grounds and honey is a popular skin tone-restorerThe scrub made of the used coffee grounds and honey is a popular skin tone-restorer

Do not chill your body – the procedure should be comfortable and pleasant. You should warm up your body a little bit longer than cool it. And, obviously, you should finish a contrast shower with cold water. After water procedures, you should moisturize your skin.


Cleansed skin absorbs skincare products much better. Cosmetic products with collagen are the most effective for the flabby abdominal skin. The moisturizers that contain brown seaweed, horse chestnut, mint, or menthol natural extracts are used to improve the skin tone.

The extracts of some plants, such as lavender, oregano, sage, hawthorn, ivy, and calendula can accelerate the microcirculation in the cells.

Peeling promotes skin regeneration, and it is effective if used once a week. You can make a scrub of shredded coffee beans, apricot kernels, or sea salt.

Also, you can add natural essential oils of lemon, red orange, or cypress (just 2–3 drops) to the water when taking a bath. Essential oils reduce water retention in the cells and have a lifting effect on the skin.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) improves skin elasticity and strength. It can be taken both orally in the form of dragees, and applied topically in the form of almond, linseed, or olive oil. Also, they can be used as massage oil.

The Experts’ Advice and Conclusion

    1. The weight loss process should be slow. According to the recommendations of The American College of Sports Medicine, the loss of 2 pounds (0.9 kg) of body weight per week is safe. If this number is higher, there is a good chance of having disorders in the body’s functioning, as well as the risk of returning the lost kilograms too quickly.
    2. You need to maintain the elasticity of the dermis. During active weight loss, your body needs vitamin A to renew and rejuvenate the skin. The adequate amount of vitamin A is found in green leafy vegetables (cabbage, spinach, basil, etc.), milk, and liver. Do not forget to incorporate vegetables and fruits into your diet, to help your body absorb vitamins and minerals better.
    3. Drink adequate amount of water. During exercise, the body loses a lot of water, and the reserves should be replenished regularly. It helps speed up the metabolism and maintains skin elasticity.
    4. Alternate strength and endurance workouts. The first kind of training helps prevent the loss of muscle mass, and the latter helps burn excess fat. You should have at least three training sessions per week. You can change the order of the workouts and perform them on different days of the week.
    5. Forget about smoking and drinking alcohol. According to Aging Skin Net, these bad habits cause biochemical changes in the human body, such as the loss of skin elasticity and acceleration of aging processes.

Regular workouts will help you build sexy abs, aerobic exercise, massage, and a healthy diet will help you get rid of fat deposits, cosmetics and beauty treatments will tighten the abdominal skin. All of that will help you not only build a sexy body, but also improve your health. Remember that the main factor determining the result of all the above-mentioned methods, techniques, and means is the regularity of workouts!

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