Home Training Tips: Effective Workout Plan for Women

You may think that you can get fit at the gym only, but we are going to teach you how to do that without leaving your home!You may think that you can get fit at the gym only, but we are going to teach you how to do that without leaving your home!


Advantages and Disadvantages of Home Training

What Are the Benefits?

For effective at-home workouts you need: sporting clothes, some free space in the room, and minimum sports equipmentFor effective at-home workouts you need: sporting clothes, some free space in the room, and minimum sports equipment

The pace of life of a modern woman requires her to manage time between work, study, domestic chores, family, and personal life. Besides, it is also necessary to keep the body in good shape.

It is often difficult to find a couple of hours to visit a gym or fitness club under these circumstances. Moreover, the lack of money and the feeling of embarrassment and confusion are often the crucial factors that make people refuse going to the gym.

Home training is an excellent way out of these problems. Even on a very busy day, each woman can devote an hour to exercise by adjusting her daily routine to her needs. In this case, everything that is required from a woman is a sincere desire to be fit and healthy, without any high expenses and advanced equipment.

Regular exercising in the comfort of your own room, along with a balanced diet will yield positive results soon and help you shed pounds and maintain your body weight. Working out at home has a lot of advantages over visiting a gym. If you don’t know what option to choose, the following positive aspects of home training may help you make a decision and take a step forward:

Flexible scheduleе There is no need to adapt to the gym operating hours. You can arrange your workout at any convenient time, spontaneously or planned.
Saving of travel time to and from the gym You don’t have to waste time on going to the gym (that is sometimes located far from your apartment) after studying, working, or performing family duties. The way "back and forth" is very exhausting, especially for residents of mega-cities. This factor is excluded in home training.
Easier on the wallet

There is no need to buy an expensive gym membership. This is the priority argument for those who have an unstable daily schedule.

Also, it would be a great benefit for the beginners who are unsure of the regularity of their workouts. Taking into account the previous aspect, if you don’t have to drive to the gym, you don’t have to pay for the fare.

Absence of strangers

The psychological comfort during working out is quite important, especially when you begin your sports practice. At home you don’t have to be ashamed of your imperfect body, exercises that you fail to do, lack of fashionable fitness clothes, and exhausted look after a workout.

In your own room, you can exercise in any comfortable clothes. There are no observers, and you should not worry about the opinion of others.

Variety of workouts There are so many videos and books on home training that it would be impossible to get bored. Due to a wide variety of exercise programs, you can easily change your workout routine whenever you want. Besides, you can choose the complexity level according to your physical fitness. This point also applies to music.
Good shower and hygiene facilities

Have you ever grabbed the dumbbells immediately after someone has worked with them? Note that hygiene level in the gym is 10 times worse than in your home.

A good shower is a luxury after exercise in a fitness club. At home you can not only wash off the sweat, but also relax your muscles in a hot bath.

Drawbacks of Working Out at Home

Now, let’s talk about disadvantages of at-home workouts:

Improper exercise technique is possible

When you work out at home, there is always a risk to perform the exercises with improper form. Improper exercise technique not only minimizes your results, but also leads to injury. The coach’s control helps avoid this danger.

Lack of spare space Furniture in the apartment often does not leave enough space for fitness. Another aspect is the presence of neighbors who will probably dislike your cardio-sets with jumping and running in place.

Regular physical activity requires constant motivating factors. Some people find them in external sources (photos of beautiful bodies, idols, desired clothes, understanding of its importance for health).

But someone lacks energy. If you pay for a gym membership, at least you feel sorry for the spent money.

No additional privileges Gym membership often provides some benefits in the form of visiting a swimming pool or sauna.
Distracting factors

The only factor that can distract you from working out in the gym is other people. At home, the range of irritants increases to the TV, Internet, cell phone, and doorbell.

The presence of someone of your relatives or a child in your apartment also makes it harder to exercise.

Necessary Equipment

Be careful! If you use a chair, make sure it is steady and fixedBe careful! If you use a chair, make sure it is steady and fixed

When working out at home, you can use no equipment at all, or replace it with the improvised means if you need. There is often no point in purchasing benches for press and abs exercises, fitness platforms, etc.

Chairs, beds, and bedside tables can easily replace them. Jogging and cardio-sets also do not require any special means (ankle and wrist weights may be used, but they are optional).

However, if you collect the required minimum of such "assistants", you can significantly increase the effectiveness of your workouts.

Women may need the following sports equipment for their workouts:

  • Dumbbells – ideally adjustable, but single 1–5 kg dumbbells are also good (choose the weight depending on your needs and fitness level);
  • Hula hoop, abs roller (wheel), waist twisting disc – all of these items help trim the waist and flatten the stomach;
  • Rubber expander – it helps stretch the back, chest muscles, and arms;
  • Fitball – it allows to vary and complicate some exercises;
  • Fitness and yoga mat – it can slightly soundproof and warm the floor, besides, it helps in some exercises when you need to stand on your knees;
  • Home treadmill, stationary bike, and elliptical trainer – these exercise machines are advisable to purchase if you have enough money and space at home and a great desire to increase the load.

You can perform the exercises without dumbbells, but these pieces of equipment help increase the effectiveness of your workoutsYou can perform the exercises without dumbbells, but these pieces of equipment help increase the effectiveness of your workouts

Workout Plans

Fat burning workouts are quite intense. They include cardio and endurance exercises.

Sample Weight Loss Workout Plan

  • Jogging at a slow pace – 15 minutes / jump roping 5–10 minutes / active arm and leg swings – 20 times each (the choice depends on the opportunity of going outside and free space in the room);
  • Torso twists, side stretches to the right and left – 20 times each;
  • Traditional push-ups (kneeling or straight leg variations), or modified push-ups, such as wall or stable surface push-ups (for example, you can use the edge of a table or bed, or a fitball) – 2 sets of 15 reps;
  • Sumo Squats (deep squat with your feet wide apart) – 2–3 sets of 15 reps;
  • Alternate Backward Lunges – 2 sets of 15 reps;
  • Ab Crunches (classic and side) – 2 sets of 15 reps each;
  • Bicycle Crunches, "Scissors" (horizontal and vertical) in the back-lying position – 2 sets of 15–20 reps;
  • Stretching: Forward Bend, Seated and Standing Torso Twists, and the "Child’s pose" to calm your breathing.
For better fat burning, before stretching you can add a final set of 50–100 jumps with a jump rope, or hula hoop spinning (5–10 minutes), or running on the spot.

Sample Muscle Sculpting Program

To build an attractive female body and get slim, you need to perform muscle toning exercises and use additional weights:

  • Warm-up: arm swings, side bending, and jumping on the spot – 20–30 times each;

Further, perform all the exercises for 2–3 sets of 10–18 reps:

  • Dumbbell Squats (feet at shoulder-width apart and "sumo" variation);
  • Wall, traditional, or stable surface push-ups;
  • Weighted Side and Backward Lunges: holding a dumbbell in each hand, bend and extend your elbows while performing the lunges. Extend your arms as you return to the starting position;
  • Standing Dumbbell Press, and then Bent Over Press;
  • Calf Raises with a dumbbell in each hand;
  • Lateral Leg Swings (chair assisted);
  • Ab Crunches (classic and twisted);
  • Lying Leg Raises (with the palms under your lower back);
  • Pelvic Raises (lying on your back with your knees bent, feet flat on the floor, and hands at your sides);
  • Stretching for all muscle groups.


Follow these tips to boost your progress and get visible results faster.

For Weight Loss

Exercise regularly and minimize distractions, and you will get the results very soonExercise regularly and minimize distractions, and you will get the results very soon

  • Within 1–1.5 hours before a workout, you should eat a portion of protein (chicken, cottage cheese, fish) with a vegetable salad. Exclude all carbohydrates, such as fruits, bread, cereals, and starchy vegetables;
  • About 30 minutes after exercise, you can consume 100 g of pure high-protein food. An hour later, you can eat some porridge or fruits. After 14 o'clock you should minimize the consumption of carbohydrates;
  • During working out, you should drink unflavored clean water. Your heart rate should not exceed 120 beats/min. Otherwise, you should decrease the intensity;.
  • For cardio workouts, you need high-quality sports linen with thick straps to support your breasts. Such workout should last from 30 to 60 minutes, and the rest time between the sets should be 30–45 seconds.

For Muscle Sculpting

  • Eat 1 fruit 30–60 minutes before a workout. 30–60 minutes after exercise, have 100–150 grams of protein (fish, chicken, or cottage cheese) with vegetables or drink one scoop of protein isolate;
  • The rest between the sets should last 30–60 seconds, and the length of a workout should be 30–40 minutes. Drink water as necessary. To get sculpted muscles, use 3–5 kg dumbbells. Note that lighter dumbbell weight does not promote muscle growth;
  • Do not increase the number of reps and sets to avoid overtraining.

Tips and Conclusions

Home and gym training are both effective. A wise approach and high motivation to work with your body can help you get in shape, become stronger and healthier without wasting too much time and money.

If you plan to work out at home, you should learn some rules:

  1. Inhale with your nose as you lower your body or dumbbells, and exhale with your mouth as you lift the weight. DO NOT hold your breath during exercise.
  2. You should work out regularly, but avoid overtraining. 2–4 workouts per week are enough to lose weight and sculpt the muscles. On the rest days, it would be great to perform outdoor activities and have open air walks.
  3. Working out at 11–13 a.m. and between 17–19 p.m. can yield the best results. You should plan your workout so that your stomach could digest the food.
  4. Physical activity and healthy eating are two main contributors to well-being.
  5. In the second half of the menstrual cycle, your weight and body measurements may remain unchanged or even increase due to the peculiarities of a female body. With the beginning of a new cycle, these indicators will decrease.
  6. Shoulder workouts for women should not be too hard. You should focus on fat burning and working out your back muscles, abs, and thighs.
  7. Waist exercises (different kinds of twists and bends) should be performed without additional weights to avoid overtraining your oblique abdominal muscles and to preserve feminine body curves.

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