Tips to Get Rid of Side and Stomach Fat

There are a few ways to remove fat from the sides and abdomen, and each of them has both benefits and drawbacksThere are a few ways to remove fat from the sides and abdomen, and each of them has both benefits and drawbacks


Keys to Success

Nowadays, the problem of obesity has become rather urgent. The sedentary lifestyle, the decline of the human need for hard physical labor, and the modern food industry are the main causes of obesity. In many cases, the current life style and rhythm do not allow people to dedicate a few hours a day to maintain their health and body shape.

However, one should not despair. Today, we are going to discuss the main ways to defeat that stubborn flabby belly, sides, and other parts of the body affected by obesity. There are three main points that should be followed in order to prevent and fight against big fat deposits on the body:

  1. Physical activity.
  2. Healthy diet.
  3. Mental approach.

Further, we will discuss each of them separately.

Using Weight Loss Exercises

The combination of regular workouts and a healthy diet regime can help you achieve good resultsThe combination of regular workouts and a healthy diet regime can help you achieve good results

There are many kinds of physical activity, including hundreds of exercises and various techniques of exercise performance. The choice of the training program should depend on the goals that you are eager to achieve and on the available sports equipment.

If you are reading this article, you are worried about excess weight and fat deposits in the stomach area. Fat can be stored in different parts of the body. Some people are more prone to have fat deposition in the abdomen, others tend to have excess fat on their legs, back, or other body parts. It is impossible to target fat loss in a specific area, because fat comes off from the whole body.

So, we are going to dispel the myth that abdominal exercises can help remove fat from this area faster. That won't happen. The exercises like crunches or other moves that involve your core muscles, just stimulate the blood flow to the abdominal muscles and supply them with more nutrients.

To help the body shed excess kilograms, you should give preference to cardio workouts. It is essential to take into account your own general physical fitness, because obesity is an additional load for the heart and other important internal organs, not to mention joints and ligaments. Cardio workouts strengthen the cardiovascular system and promote maximum calorie burning. However, it is important to remember that measure is treasure – weight loss should not do more harm than good.

Here is the list of the most popular cardio activities that can help your body get rid of calories quickly:

Running is one of the most effective kinds of such training. You can run both outdoor and indoor (using a treadmill). If you have problems with your knees, you can replace it with cycling or riding a special exercise bike. If you are not short on money, you can also choose other kinds of cardio machines that do not occupy much space in your apartment and can help you get in shape and achieve good results faster.

During these workouts, you should try to do your best. Remember that the first 20–30 minutes of cardio help you remove the existing water and carbohydrate stores. Only afterwards, fats start to burn. In our article you can find various kinds of cardio workouts – try to choose the one that is right for you.

Sample Workout

If you do not know where to start, take a look at the following example of home training designed to help you burn calories not only during a workout, but also after it:

Если вы не знаете с чего начать, то рекомендуем ознакомиться со следующим примером домашнего тренинга, который поможет вам сжигать калории не только во время тренировки, а и после нее:


Time of exercise performance (minutes)



Jump Roping


Ab Crunches


Step-Ups on a platform






As you see, you need some additional sports equipment – a jump rope and a step platform. Your workout takes 31 minutes in total. You can train in this way 3 times a week every other day. Soon, you will see the results.

Is Yoga Effective?

Yoga (the article about yoga for beginners) helps improve health, muscle elasticity, and joint flexibility. Yoga is not the basis for weight loss, but its advantage for your body is indisputable. Along with the kinds of training described above, you can also use classic yoga poses. Yoga can improve not only your appearance, but also functioning of your abdominal organs, normalize the blood circulation, and restore your internal harmony.

Use the proper technique of exercise performance! If you do something wrong, it will be hard for you to get out of your bed the next day. You should learn to perform asanas correctly and gradually move to the more difficult ones.

You should perform this set of exercises every three days. At the same time, you should keep fit to avoid any problems during exercise performance.

Salamba Sarvangasana

This exercise is widely used in the European gymnastics and is also called the "birch tree". This asana has numerous positive effects including normalization of the functioning of internal organs located in the abdominal cavity, easing chronic pain in case of ulcer or gastritis, digestion improvement, and removal of toxins. Some people believe that this pose is a good weapon to fight cellulite.


This asana means "intense stretch pose": in a standing position, the upper body is unusually folded forward. Uttanasana promotes strengthening of the back muscles and abs, calms and rejuvenates the abdominal cavity organs. While performing the exercise, you should maintain the symmetry of your position to accelerate the process of fat burning and get in shape.

Janu Shirshasana

The greatest effect of this position is strengthening of the abdominal muscles and carving the abs. Moreover, this yoga pose improves the liver and spleen functioning. It should be noted that this asana burns fat slower and it should be performed in combination with other exercises to get the results as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, Janu Shirshasana can help you build strong abs and it is the major component in the exercise complex for a flat stomach.

Urdhva Prasarita Padasana

It favorably affects the metabolism, digestion, and helps get rid of flatulence. If you perform this exercise regularly, you can strengthen your abdominal and lower back muscles. The technique resembles the exercises from the first section, but it should be performed with straight legs, without lifting your lower back from the floor. Keep proper breathing, otherwise the asana loses its effectiveness.

Navasana or the Boat Pose

This asana strengthens the spine, improves the intestine functioning, and greatly targets the abdominal muscles. While performing this exercise, don’t forget the universal rules of yoga: gradually enter the position to avoid injuries.

Diet as the Basis for Successful Fat Burning

Six-pack abs appear only when the amount of body fat does not exceed 10–12% of total body weightSix-pack abs appear only when the amount of body fat does not exceed 10–12% of total body weight

Let’s proceed to the second essential element of success, that is the corresponding diet. If you originally stick to healthy eating, you will have no problems with fat deposits on your stomach or sides. But, if it turned out differently, then you should start to follow certain rules and food restrictions.

Reduce the Caloric Content of Dishes

The first thing you must understand is that you should create a caloric deficit. What is it for? The body needs energy to function, and it obtains this energy through the process of splitting protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Carbohydrates from the consumed food are the first to be used. At their deficiency, protein and fat deposits existing in the body start to be converted into energy. Thus, if you consume fewer calories than needed for energy production, your body will begin to burn its fat stores.

Note that you should not just reduce the amount of the food you eat, because it may have the opposite effect on your body. Many people wonder why they have belly fat even if they eat very little. The answer is simple – such dieting slows down metabolism. Instead of using the consumed food for getting energy and nutrients, your body begins to slow down the metabolic rate and build up reserves. It happens due to the natural properties of the body – it does not know the time and the caloric content of the next meal, so it prefers to store fat, "just in case".

The best option is splitting your diet into smaller and more frequent meals. You can reduce calories by cutting off high-fat food. Pastry, sweets, fast food, soda drinks, etc. must be banned. For various reasons (in most cases, because of the sugar content, "bad fats", and high glycemic index) they negatively affect the weight loss process.

Reduce Your Carbohydrate Intake

There are a lot of effective diets, but they are not all healthy. Due to the fact that the body converts excess carbohydrates into fat deposits, the safest diets are based on the reduction of carbohydrate intake. This is one of the key reasons for the great popularity of low-carbohydrate and keto-diets.

If it is difficult for you to calculate your recommended carbohydrate intake, you can follow these steps:

  • Within a week, write down all the dishes and portions you eat;
  • Split the food into protein, fats, and carbohydrates by using the nutritional value of the consumed foods;
  • Reduce your carbohydrate intake by 10–15%;
  • Analyze the results in a week: if you see any changes – continue, if there are no changes – reduce your carbohydrate intake by 10–15%, etc., until you see the result.

Sample Daily Diet Plan




Oatmeal with fruits, bran

Mid-morning snack

A glass of kefir or juice, berries


A light soup or broth, rice porridge, steamed chicken breast, vegetables

Mid-afternoon snack

A glass of orange fresh juice, salad with fresh vegetables, berries or fruits


Stewed chicken breast, cottage cheese, a glass of milk

Remember that within the first half of the day you should consume more than 60% of your daily recommended calorie intake. Your dinner should be light. Do not overeat during this meal, it should just remove hunger. If you follow the basic dietary principles, you will surely achieve success!

Set Your Mind for Victory

It is no secret that in practice 8 of 10 efforts fail for different reasons. Do not think that it is easy to lose weight and, as a result, remove fat from the sides and stomach. You should be persistent and work hard. You will be surrounded by many distracting factors and temptations. Offer your family to lead a new lifestyle – it is easier to become healthier and fitter together.

Make up a plan and strictly follow it. Even though there are force majeure circumstances in our life, they should not stop you on your way to success, so go further and keep the path. Imagine your appearance when you complete your plan, you can even put your goal on paper and continue moving forward until you reach it.

But that’s not all. After you managed to trim the waistline and get rid of belly creases and flabby sides with the help of the exercises and a balanced diet, you should maintain the result. You can do it by changing your bad habits, sticking to a healthy diet, and finding time for physical activity. These points will help you avoid the recurrent excess weight gain, and your health will get better every year.

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